Cafe – No Internet Weekends

Written by Joey Daoud

On February 23, 2009

No Internet Weekends

I was at one of the nearby cafes last Friday where I noticed this sign. “Internet-Free Zone on Weekends.” I wonder if this is to encourage people to read or socialize on the weekends. Or maybe something more practical, such as not having students hog a table for the whole day. Either way I thought it was interesting and I haven’t seen it anywhere else.

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  1. Chris Blake

    Was this the Black Dog Cafe on Martha’s Vineyard, MA?

  2. Alex Hanson

    There’s a cafe in Chicago (Lovely) where they’ve turned off the electrical outlets. You can use the internet any time, but unless you’ve got a lot of battery power, you can’t camp out there all day. It seems like a good idea to me.

  3. Joey

    No, this is in Tallahassee.

    And that is an interesting solution in the Chicago cafe. But I feel like that hurts the people that adhere to the ‘purchase a drink every 1-2 hour’ rule. But I guess in a large city like Chicago, each cafe can afford to have an identity on what you can and can’t expect to do there. Way cool.

  4. andrew

    hum… aha! Free internet is very different from internet free

  5. Carl Nelson

    I’ve seen this in a few cafés. One of my favorites in Seattle added this recently and I noticed while I’m here for two weeks. Victrola on 15th in Capital Hill.

    Also, my favorite café in NYC went entirely laptop free which is discouraging to me. I loved the atmosphere but now I’m much less likely to stick around and buy a couple drinks.


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