Super Plank
5 Minute Plank*
3 Minute Rest
5 Minutes Dead Bugs and Bird Dogs (Alternating every 30 seconds)

*Can rotate between any type of plank. Every break is an immediate 10 sit-up penalty then back to planking.
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Coach Notes

We've got a fun two parter core workout today. Part 1 is a 5 minute plank! Yes, 5 minutes. The countdown clock will start at 5 and your goal is to hold a plank. However, every time you break, it's a 10 sit-up penalty, then back to planking in that 5 minute window.

After a three minute rest, we've got 5 rounds alternating between bird dogs and dead bugs, 30 seconds each movement. Keep these slow and controlled, your body tight the entire time.

Ask a Coach

Question about a movement, the workout, or anything else? Just ask and we’ll get back to you soon!

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