12 Minute Ab Circuit – Strengthen Your Core with These 4 Exercises

Written by Joey Daoud

On June 17, 2019

12 Minute Ab Circuit – Strengthen Your Core with These 4 Exercises

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Workout Briefing

In this 12 minute ab circuit workout we’re going to cycle through four different core strengthening exercises. 

Check out all the movement breakdwons below, including modifications for beginner levels. The coach demo video below will break down the movements and the workout video will cue you through the circuit.

This comes straight from out NTX Go program, where you get a daily workout that you can do anywhere in less than 20 minutes, broken down just like this. 



4 Rounds
0:30 Flutter Kicks
0:30 Heel Taps
0:30 Russian Twists
0:30 Hollow Rocks

1:00 Rest

Ab Exercise Breakdown

Here is a breakdown of each ab movement in the workout, along with modifications for different fitness levels.

Flutter Kicks

Movement demo of the flutter kick

Lying down and squeezing your lower abs, hover your feet above the ground and quickly kick. Keeping your hands off the ground make the movement harder. Keeping your hands underneath your hips makes the movement easier. For beginner level, raise your legs straight up to a challenging angle but something you can do for 30 seconds.

Heel Taps

Movement demo of heel taps

With your knees bent, engage the sides of your core to shift your torso and tap your heels.

Russian Twists

Movement demo of Russian Twists

Balancing on your hips, twist from side to side, tapping the ground. Focus on generating the movement from your core rather than by twisting your shoulders. Keeping your feet off the ground and holding a light weight will make this movement harder. Beginner levels should start with feet on the ground.

Hollow Rocks

Movement demo of hollow rocks

Squeezing your lower abs and pushing your lower back to the ground, keep your body in a stable C shape as you rock back and forth. The rock is generated from your core, not from your arms and legs moving.

Beginner modifications for the hollow rock include tucking one leg in to your chest or raising both legs high enough so you can engage your lower abs and push your lower back to the floor.


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