Biz Stone on Twitter Interview [Podcast]

Written by Joey Daoud

On May 20, 2009

Episode 6 – Biz Stone on Twitter

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I’m very excited about this episode. In the past few months Twitter seems to have exploded. You’ve got twittering in space, on Everest, and Twitter races to a million followers.

Back when I interviewed Biz Stone (Twitter co-founder) in August, I’ll admit some motivation was out of personal joy to visit Twitter than something that directly related to life hacking. However I think the conversation proved to be very insightful, going beyond what Twitter is and moving to how it relates to society as a communication tool.

This episode is a good chunk of the interview. Time was short. We had actually arrived earlier in the day but Biz had to leave to go on Fox News because Obama was about to announce Biden as his VP through Twitter. Yes, we were Outfoxed.

Again keep in mind that this was shot back in August, so the earthquake he’s referring to was one from July 29, not the two that have happened in the past few days.

And also to give a point of reference on how popular Twitter was when we shot this, Biz made a comment that 50% of Twitter users follow 10 people and are followed by 10. I’m sure that’s no longer the case.

I hope you enjoy and find it insightful, and let me know what you think.


Music – The Coconut Monkeyrocket and Martinibomb

Video – A Communications Primer 1958 (Easter Egg during the credits)

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