Credit and Capitalism in the 1940s

Written by Joey Daoud

On April 12, 2009

Over the past few days I’ve been going through lots of archival footage for the documentary. The best and easiest place is the Prelinger Archives on the Internet Archive. They have over 2000 films from the 20s-80s, all available to watch, download, and use however you like. 

I found a few clips, which I posted below, that I thought were kind of funny and appropriate given the whole economic situation we’re in. 

The first is on Banks and Credit. I think all bankers should have watched this so, you know, they’d actually know how a bank works.

This next one is on capitalism. The film was meant for schools and to start discussions, so it doesn’t really take a decisive stand, but it’s still a good representation of the times, plus I thought it was pretty appropriate since only 53% of Americans favor capitalism over socialism.

And finally, this film uses the classic “it was all a dream” technique. The hellish scenario: congress is suspended. This reminded me of all the talk of nationalization that’s been happening, but frankly I’m more worried about this huge surplus of bubbles that will be released should the government go away.

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