Leo Laporte Interview Clip

Written by Joey Daoud

On September 13, 2008

YouTube – Leo laporte interview Clip 1.

Don’t know how this got online, but some kind soul posted a clip from my interview with Leo on TWiT Live.

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  1. Jenaé Plymale

    Wow, awesome that you interviewed him!

    I agree about enjoying the small things that aren’t technology related, such as cleaning up after one’s self like he mentioned, or doing something nice for somebody else. Somehow those types of things activate a relieving sense of solitude within your mind, that answering an email does not.

    On another note but the same tolken, I’ve always personally thought that the light coming from a computer screen and into your eyes has a lot to do with the wear and stress that your body feels while doing things in the tech realm.

    What do you think?

  2. Keonne

    Nice job Joey. Only thing I would say is I had a hard time keeping up with your questions stop mumbling be more clear. I’m truthful because I love you.

    But awesome job anyway.

  3. Joey

    @Jenae – I agree, I’m not a big fan reading lots of stuff on my computer. It hurts my eyes, and my neck. That said, I’d still kill for a Kindle.

    @Keonne – I seem to be getting a mumbling intervention. I’m working on it. But rest assured, you won’t be hearing much of me in the film.


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