Online Viewing Update

Written by Joey Daoud

On November 29, 2009

I’ve gotten a few emails asking about watching You 2.0 online and when it’ll be ready, so I just wanted to post an update with the issues I’m running into.

Because You 2.0 is made of about 30+ videos, it’s not an easy ‘find the best export option and throw it online.’ My original plan was to put a close duplicate of the DVD design online. Encore, which I used to author the DVD, has an export option to create an exact version the DVD, menus, videos, and all, in a Flash movie.

I thought this would be easy and the best solution (so I could maintaing the options of watching the interviews by interviewee or subject and the play all playlist) but for whatever reason WordPress does not like to display this. I’ve tried a million different plug-ins and code and nothing.

So I could export each video as an individual Flash movie, but then I lose the option to play all.

I know Flash is very powerful and there’s ways to make what I want (like playlists) but I don’t know Flash, ActionScript, or XML that well. If someone out there does and wants to help out, I’ll give you a big fat link and logo for you in the sidebar.

So anyways, what I’m thinking now is I’ll export everything as Quicktimes and play it that way. This does have an advantage that I like, which is I’m a big fan of if you buy media, you should be able to watch it anywhere, anytime, on any device. So publishing in Quicktime would allow you to put the file on your iPod or iPhone, or convert it to something else for your device.

Hopefully this won’t kill the servers, but we’ll deal with that if we reach that point.

So please bear with me. Like I said, it’s 30+ movies so I have to re-export them all and build a page for each of them, and do a whole link web.

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  1. Jon

    If you do this, could you also do a “play all” video where it is all in one quicktime? Cheers!


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