Telemarketing Democracy (And Crowdsourcing Other Causes) via Facebook

Written by Joey Daoud

On October 18, 2008

I just got done with one of the most interesting service projects I’ve ever been part of; one that I see has a lot of potential for all sorts of causes.

I just called about 40 unregistered voters in California to remind them to mail in their registration form by Monday, via Rock the Vote. While the project itself doesn’t sound too mind blowing, it was how we did it.

Rock the Vote has a Facebook Application that anyone can install to call people in states where voter registration is still open from a list of people who were previously sent voter registration forms from Rock the Vote.

As you can see, they supply you with a name and number and a script with every possible scenario and outcome. The majority ended up being voicemail messages, but how awesome is this? Anyone can join, call, and help the cause. We’re in Tallahassee calling voters in California.

A group of about 20 of us got together and in 90 minutes we called over 1100 people.

Think about all the causes that could use something like this. Whether you call 1 or 100 people, each call helps take the load off struggling non-profits who would’ve needed to hire someone to do this.

And through the magic of Facebook, the Application even put a message in my feed letting everyone know I’m getting people to register to vote, with a link for them to add the application and help too.

The app was developed by Nico Networks. No idea what it costs, but I’m sure it’s cheaper than hiring a telemarketing team.

Hopefully more organizations will start using Facebook Applications to their full potential, and for causes a little more meaningful than sending Bumper Stickers.

And of course, make sure you’re registered to vote and vote on November 4!

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  1. sean savage

    Sheesh, at least they could have replaced [voter] in the script with the voter’s real name! These new-fangled computer thingies are good at that sort of thing.

    Also note the Obama iPhone app that can help you to identify and call your friends who live in the most important swing states to convince them to vote for Obama.

  2. Mwangi

    A great crowdsourcing initiative that was used during the post election violence in Kenya, the xenophobic attacks in SA and the chaos in Democratic Republic of Congo is Great initiative and great folks…….


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