Typewriter iPhone App

Written by Joey Daoud

On July 28, 2009


Laptop’s gotten too heavy? Do you get odd looks when you whip out your manual Royal Aristocrat typewriter at Starbucks?

Now you can take the cool restrictedness of Typewriter with you in your pocket. The Typewriter iPhone app is now listed on the iTunes store!

While iPhone 3.0 tried to thwart Typewriter’s goal of no copy/paste, it proved no match for an Elance programmer. No delete, no copy/paste. Just straightforward typing. Sort of (more in a second).

You can type in portrait or landscape mode. The files are saved as texts on your phone, or for an easier transfer the text can be copied into an email to send to yourself, Google Docs, or where ever you like.

Under options you have the same black text on white or green on black options, PLUS the option to turn full typewriter mode off. Typewriter mode would be the thing that you’re used to – no delete, copy/paste, insert. Turn it off and now you’ve got a basic text editor. You can also go back and edit what you typed with typewrite mode on.

I know I talked about free things on ProBlogger, but there was a bit more invested in this (I had to sign up as an Apple Developer on top of hiring a programmer), so it’s listed for $.99 (or whatever the equivalent is for your country’s store).

Visit the Typewrite App Store Page.

Please let me know what you think and leave some feedback here and at the App Store!

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  1. Keonne

    Awesome. It’s worth more than 99 cents….


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