Journey to Commitment

Written by Rebecca Goodrich

On April 9, 2018

I have been challenged to do something for one week that I usually don’t do, “create.”   Today I have decided that for one week, I am going to write a daily blog post on things that interest me and may possibly interest you as well.  Today’s blog post is about sticking to your commitment.

How many motivational books have you read?  

How many inspirational quotes have you memorized or saved as your background on your phone?

How many podcasts have you listened to on becoming bigger and better?  

Think about this one.  I can personally say that within the past couple of years,  I have read at least 5 books, listened to at least 10 podcasts and have saved probably 20 pictures.  Why does this all matter?

The truth is that with all of the words that I have read or listened to and all of the pictures that I have saved, I still haven’t found the remedy for committing to what’s important to me.  

We all have our days where we feel the most committed to achieving something and then other days where we feel lazy and don’t want to do a thing.  

YOU are responsible for validating your answers.  YOU are the captain of your own ship. If you want to commit to something that is important to you, then simply do it.  What does committing to yourself look like? What kind of journey or adventures do you see occurring? While you’re experiencing this process, perhaps you find to learn more about yourself.

This week my commitment is dedicated to writing a daily blog post on something that I am passionate about in hopes that I can provide inspiration and education to others.  I know that this commitment is achievable and realistic. I am also committed to loving myself more by taking care of my body and exercising at least 5-6 times this week. This has been an ongoing challenge, but I am committed to making this happen and share my experiences. What is your commitment and how will you achieve yours?  

Leave comments below so that we can all inspire each other!


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